24 -         14

The snow postponed the game, Disney on Ice disrupted the tailgate and the 'Birds didn't show up for the game...bad day all around.  The tailgate got better when we were finally allowed to play.


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Disney on Ice ticket that got us our spot

Big Ed has it handy to get the rest of the crew into the lot

Soup prep is done inside

It's finally sock time in Philly

Tony tries a lucky nap (didn't work)

Let the tailgate begin!

An EagleMobile Christmas present makes its debut

Food is in the back...

...booze is in the front...

...and Big Ed directs traffic

The Devil came up from Baltimore

Anthony makes the soup

Mount Toolbox II, the sequel

The leg of lamb is grill ready

Russ and Tony work the first course

The NFL Channel arrives for the weekly shoot...

...and the bar crowd gives them an Eagles Chant

Tommy does know people not named Baynes

Swoop visits the tailgates

The Devil recruits Toolbox for evening duty

Sergei, Russ and Danny on Mount Toolbox

Mike and Young Mike meet Eric

We do adopt strays

Tommy on the grill

The leg of lamb is flamed

Mike warms up with soup

PJ tries a lucky nap (failed)

Yep, still the tuna heater

Big Ed goes for the rare meat...

..and leaves some for the other lion...

...and he pounces

Big Ed on bell, Toolbox on whistle

Heather and Jenn are doing a documentary

Ben is mellow still

Chris and his fauxhawk hat

Bart stops by to greet old friends


The rest of the day


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