31 - 13

What a horrible day!!! The 'Birds lost the game, the franchise quarterback and probably the season!!!  But we did have another great tailgate. Chris from the Eagles web site, Howard and Rhea from WIP, Tolly from Fox 29, Michael Barkan from Comcast and old and new friends all helped to ease the pain of the game.

(Click on picture for larger view)

Most of the crew arrives for set-up...

...but the bartender missed the bus!!

...he finally arrives with Michael Douglas (or is that Charlie with a new do?)

Russ, Paul and their buds arrive for breakfast

Ed and April at their first tailgate

Annie in a maternity Jerome Brown

Vic arrives in mufti for breakfast

Tolly makes a stop

Howard, what's that in your ear?? (Add your own response here)

PJ's creation of the week, Talgatin' She-Crab Soup

Chris and Chuck from Section 733 in the Vet finally find us

Big Ed recycles his T. O. jersey (hint, spell # 18's name backwards)

Lunch is on the grill (thanks for the rack of lamb Steve)

PJ with Metomkin's finest (see the pictures below)

Grand Master B returns Eddie's cuffs from last week

Michael Barkan poses with Ben

Tommy with Courtney and Rhea Hughes

Chris McPherson from the Eagle's web site with Big Ed

Highway guys stop by for lunch

Estelle had to work a double shift

"A thorn between two roses" (E. Sickle, 2006)

We don't take advertisements but we do acknowledge great contributions (Mike the Butcher and Pollack Bob have been featured in the past).  The EagleMobile seafood provider is Metompkin Seafood of Mappsville, Virginia.

The source is finally revealed

Ellen poses with our usual weekend order

The rest of the day


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