24 -       34

It was the coldest tailgate and game of the year but the crew prevailed in the parking lot and the 'Birds did the job on the field.  Here is the day's (and evening's) fun.

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We arrive in the cold.....

...and Anthony and Joe get the grills hot

Time for long underware but still no socks

Beau at his first tailgate and game

Eric is missing and somewhere Tommy is napping...

...so Mike is the first shift replacement bartender

"Stir the soup slowly Grasshopper"

The TatMobile visits

Toolbox pounces

This would not happen if Eric was on duty

Soft pretzel dipped in crab bisque, yum

Kat is on duty but stops to say hi

The second shift bartender slips in...

...and surveys the terrain

Victor visits in mufti

Pork loin for dinner...

...along with leg of lamb

Mike is lonely...

...so it's first call to colors...

...and the first round of the day goes down

Russ arrives with his signature grin

Tom comes bearing Tullamore Dew

The Marines doing Toys-for-Tots

Big Ed collects while the Marines enjoy the tailgate

The Gunny stops by too

Sharon brings the sushi...

Fresh, hand-rolled and delicious

Penn State and Jets running back Blair Thomas pays a visit...

...and enjoys the fruits of the bar

Big Ed subs for Fely's lucky nap (it worked)

Lion food...

...enjoyed in zoo fashion

The Vet 733 gang enjoy the sushi

The second shift surveys the scene

Peter also does a lucky nap

Darren is still looking for World series tix

Eddie welcomes a Navy Captain to the bar

Second call to colors

Big Jim hears the bell

Now its the whistle

They are lined up...

...and down they go

The NFL network shoots the food...

...Big Ed gets to the rare lamb...

...and Toolbox takes a taste

The Sickel clan

The NFL Network shoots the bar

Another Captain arrives

Traci shows her hoop skills

Toolbox don't need no stupid hoop

A little captain in all

Just Plain Ben receives absolution

Eric would never permit this

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

The rest of the day

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