23 -   21

A 62 yard field goal??? What's next for our 'Birds???  Oh yea, and it was over 100 degrees in the stadium.  The game was a downer but the pre-game party preparation and the tailgating were great as usual.  Judge the results for yourself.

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The days before the game

The crew at the Original Hooter's in Clearwater

PJ at the Flyers Game (yea, we lost this too)

Lightnin' Lameo, the TB Mascot

Tool Box goes for the new NHL young, fast guys

Junior poses for Mom and Dad (its not real, honest)

The Green Iguana before 'Birds fans took over

One fan's opinion

Tommy paves the way

PJ practices his post-game surrender

The crew converts a local

The crew at Crabby Bill's

Big Ed and the band

Game Day

They tried but Big Ed would not get out...

...so EagleMobile Lite sets up

Eric inaugurates the new bar

Tommy and his crew arrive

Eddie and his gang find our spot

Bucs fans looking for tailgating tips

Parading the beef...

...Big Ed cuts the steaks...

...and Kieran cooks 'em up

Big Ed tried but the heat kept it red

One way to beat the heat

Tampa TV shoots EagleMobile Lite

Big Ed does a tailgating report for WMGK

'Birds fans of all stripes abound...

Lots of visitors stop by

After the game the crew can still party

Eric imitates his jersey namesake

PJ does his post-game surrender for real

The rest of the day


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