15 - 6

It was a Pennsylvania slugfest with Philly still standing at the end.  It was a hard fought win and a great tailgate.  Events in the parking lot were a harbinger of things to come on the field.  The pictures of our "special guest" will tell the tale. A special thanks to Joe and Wild Blue Catering for providing the special visitor.

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Arrival and set up, no problem

Richard watches the well-oiled set-up machine

Sean is here this week

Vista Street represents

The Devil prepares his brew

A new dish is in place...

...and the omelets are on the griddle

The Bobbsie Twins finally bring the cleavage

Fely does her lucky pre-game routine (four scores worth)

Russ enjoying the day

Junior makes a surprise appearance

Loretta and Sparky are up from Virginia...

...and find moral support from Kells

Richie and Richard are all smiles but not for long

The West Chester Dance team earns their donations

PJ works his crab bisque magic

Sal Paolantonio visits Big Ed...

...and also dances with the Devil

Tommy and the Lakehurst gang

Gerry and Tony rest before the shift to lunch

Our special guest "Big Ben"

Beasley arrives for a pre-show visit

Richard meets Beasley...

...and Beasley meets "Big Ben"

"Big Ben" gets skinned in the parking lot, later it would happen on the field

Our Ben enjoys the Bisque

Beasley meets Rich Snow

Howard grabs some pig on the way to his show

NFL Films chills before the game

USMC, always welcome

Section 239 is ready...

...and the Pep Band revs up the crew

The Devil goes mobile...

...while Mrs. Devil crews the bar

Another well-deserved break

Big Ed takes one too

Junior and Desiree with post-game smiles

Sparky, Richie and Richard manage smiles too

Sayonara "Big Ben", your day is finally done

The Rest of the Day

Home Up