16 -     7

I know it's the pre-season but this defense could be as great as the Reggie-Jerome era.  Most of the regular EagleMobile crew attended this last home tune-up and the food and fun was at a regular season intensity.

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

It had a regular season look and feel

Ian loaded up the crabs...

...but one got away

Merrill posed for a picture...

...Toolbox schmoozed Derrick Gunn...

...and some Pittsburgh guy (that's his sign in the background)

Another astute fan

The Pep Band with the kids

Some Brits at their first REAL football game

Jeanne and Bill had a good time...

...the rest of the story

Chillin' until the lot clears out

The rest of the day (and night)

Home Up