28 -  24

Well, the A.J. Feely era ended with a thud.  McNabb will be back next week and prove the adage "You don't know what you've got 'till its gone."  The weather was a bummer too but we still had fun.

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Snow on the roof of EagleMobile 1 tells the tale of the weather

Toolbox and family

Irish American Phillys warmed us up

JD, stay close to the food this week...

...and avoid the Devil

The Sickel clan's contribution to the Cowboy's Shrine

No comment necessary

JD, you were warned

How the tuna heater got its' name

Ben, you need a pick-me-up!!

Thats Jeffrey Lurie's venison on the grill

Big Ed does Fely's lucky pre-game routine (didn't work)

A drunk in a Bobby Hoying jersey (no surprise he's drunk)

Tommy and Melissa try to stay warm

The world thru PJ's post-game goggles

The rest of the day


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