28 November 2005

EAGLES 19 - Packers 14

Everybody, chant with me:


Ok, we need several major meltdowns and a table run but at least the tailgating continues to get better and better.


Film crews from NFL Films and the Food Network visited the EagleMobile.  NFL Films is doing a feature on our own Merrill Reese and did an interview with Big Ed in the EagleMobile.  Jim O'Conner, star of "The Secret Life of...", on the Food Network, spent time with the EagleMobile crew and did an extensive shoot of the best tailgate in Philly

Merrill with the NFL Films Crew

Merrill with the EagleMobile Crew

Eric rushes to the grill for camera time...

...but Big Ed takes over

Jim and Big Ed discuss the finer points of tailgating

Big Ed tells Jim that even Cowboys fans can use the toilet

Jim checks out the indoor kitchen

Every inch of the EagleMobile is filmed

In the end, Jim is awestruck by the EagleMobile

More EagleMobile on film


In spite of camera crews, we still had time to tailgate

Why We Tailgate

Caitlin and Bobbi cookin' up breakfast...

...while Anthony prepares the Irish American Philly omletes

Vic and Pat surround Big Ed (no easy task)

Rhea Hughes likes the toilet but wants it flushed (she plugged us on the WIP Pregame Show)

Fely does her lucky pregame ritual (the 'Birds are undefeated when she does it)

And Annie imitates Fely's smile

The EagleMoBubble???

Anthony before he found out he had a ticket

Running the toilet gauntlet

Another view of Amy

Jack does his lucky post-victory ritual

The Rest of the Day

Home Up