48 -  22

Has the Kevin Kolb era come and gone in a day? We may have one more week before things return to normal. Unfortunately the Defense and Special Teams contributed mightily to the three-phase debacle at the Linc.  With a minor hiccup at the beginning, we finished strong with a great tailgate.

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Waiting for Comcast just like last year...

...we finally get in and set-up

Toolbox covets Ben's bike

Dez and Jacki join Annie for their first tailgate

The Devil is primed for the new season

The first omelet of the year marks the official kick-off

Wings up first for lunch

Stef (Mrs Devil) brings her family

Beasley stops by and poses with Peter

PJ works on the soup

Victor delares "It's soup, it's a season"

Toolbox and Lori work a parking lot hustle

No Pep Band this week but we did have a marching band

The Devil tempts a Saint who succumbs

Fely's lucky pre-game routine fails

Tommy and Big Ed comment on Inqy reporter's "ballet tax" journalistic probe

In case you forgot the website url

NFL Films still photographer gets permission to cronicle the EagleMobile...

...but he misses most of the action

Jacki and Dez join Annie for their first taste of Devil's brew

Victor chills but his helmet would become someone's souvenir

The rest of the day

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