6 November 2005

Redskins 17 - EAGLES 10

Ok, so the game was a bummer but what do you expect the day after CANCER surgery?  There is still time to get it back together.  Meanwhile, the EagleMobile made its' first successful ROAD TRIP and we met and partied with some great 'Birds fans!! 

On the Road

Saddle-up, its ROAD TRIP time

Tony fights the wheel as the EagleMobile drifts right

Hey, THAT"S our spot!!

Washington on the horizon

We are here and...

...the natives appear friendly



Andy and Jaws tailgating...or is it George and Big Ed?

Big Ed and his road posse

The EagleMobile crew in a strange land

Anthony before he got a ticket to the game

The best undercover 'Birds fan at FedEx Field

'Birds fans from Syracuse

Short lesson before jail, don't mess with Lisa

Even when we lose, 'Birds fans are the funniest

After the game, Big Ed discovers that Larry is his mailman...small world


Home Up