34 - 10  

A big finish to a disappointing season. Andy gets one last chance to win it all next year.  At least the last tailgate was a success.

A skeleton crew for the season finale

Anthony preps omelets...

...while cook/photographer does a self-portrait

Camera in one hand, spatula in the other

"Dave, will you take the camera?"

Finally, on the job

A small crowd enjoys breakfast

Chris McP stops by for New Year (and drops off two tickets)

Mark and Toolbox join the working crew

Mark is on the roof...

...and preping soup

The bartender arrives

Toolbox has the crabs (for soup)

Gary the Time-out ref gets breakfast

Tommy and his tools

Nice pants

Tatman drops off tattoo discount coupons

Mike has breakfast on his way to parade duty

Throwback bike cops on patrol

Wayne from the Galactic Football League

Eddie eats some rare beef

Russ at the grill

Bill and the Security guys are gate ready

Happy New Year!!!

A Tommy McDonald Christmas present

Lynn and Matt visit

Philly's Finest enjoy the last soup of the season

The Rest of the Day

Home Up