17 - 12


The Mike Vick era begins...no, wait, the Kevin Kolb era returns..,er, whatever, it came down to the last play but it didn't work.  We still had a great tailgate.  The 'Birds future may be up in the air, but we will have another great year in the parking lot.

(Click on picture for larger view)

The new grill is a gift from the Tailgate Girls...

...and they gather with Big Ed for its' inauguration

Celebrating the past...

..and looking to the future (it was short)

The Devil prepares his place...

...and open for business

Evil disguised as a happy family

PJ is ready for a few frames

Officer Dougie is on patrol (a closet 'Skins fan)

Artis, the guest of honor, rests before his big entrance

Breakfast prepares the way...

...sausage is up next...

...the broccoli rabe and sharp provolone sizzle...

...the soup is simmering...

...and Mike says it's ready

The Security crew enjoys

Slow day, only three from the Baynes clan

Chill time

Beasley arrives to partake and relax

Fely takes her lucky nap (didn't work)

A new look for the Bobbsie and stand-in

The Devil now serves solid brew...

...and he is making his first call to the bar..

...and a quorum enjoys

The guest of honor, Artis Hicks, is ready

TV guys like him

Big Ed starts the surgery...

...and takes the first bite

The one on the right went wee wee wee all the way home

Joe the Chef takes a bow for his work on Artis

Grady (in Phillies disguise) and wife

Toolbox takes the second bite

Tony Luke stops by and interviews Peter


Big Jim with Little Donovan

Ben's bike is in the perfect spot

The rest of the day

Home Up