24 -   27

It was a nail bitter of a game and the 'Birds came from behind for the second week in a row.

The "B" team ran a successful tailgate (with a hiccup while leaving).

Here is the day.

(Click picture for larger view)

John and Andrew are today's guests

Mike works set-up (Tony has the day off)

DC Comcast features us on thier pre-game show

PJ and Mike enjoy breakfast

PJ changes the menu and does oyster stew

Where is the bar and the bartender?

Toolbox tries to find him

Mike tries to mix but the bar is missing

John and Andrew are pressed into service

Lori, Toolbox and Mike schmooze

Big Ed, Dave and Russ are all smiles

Angry Tommy...

...happy Tommy

Fely's lucky pre-game routine works big time

The Eagles TV Network films for feature at the 49ers game

Spencer is a special guest of the EagleMobile

With Mike in all these pictures, who has the camera?

Spencer poses with the crew

Another Baynes sister and family enjoy the day

Officer Dougie in mufti (note the 'Skins shirt under the 'Birds jersey)

And the Mummers make a funding appeal


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