23 -   17

The 'Birds come up short for the second week in a row.  Something has to change, maybe the Fat Man (Andy, not Big Ed).  Well, at least the Phillies won and moved to the next level.  The tailgate was great as usual and the Phillies lifted the post-game spirits.

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All hands work set-up

Jimmy and Victor arrive by car

Bealzabub, Satan and Little Lucifer at the bar

Victor says "Where's the soup?"...

...so PJ gets to work

NFL Films shoots Gerry at the grill

Victor and his groupies

Irish American Philly ready!

Fely's lucky pre-game routine works for the Phillies

The Twins do a cleavage rerun for sideline passes

Pina Coladas from hell...

...and Fely and Annie partake

Gerry, sausage is NOT finger food

The crew is mellow by the bar

Stef and Trish reminisce

Almost-a-Police Officer Dougie stops by (3 weeks to graduation)

Grady and Laurie swap tix with PJ (there is a Skins fan behind the Phillies shirt)

Lynn is back and enjoying the tailgate

Did Eddie defect to the "other team" in Chicago?

No, Toolbox converts Brokeback Sickel

Grand Master B and his posse

Paul and Luke join Russ and Sergei

The Pep Band gets the crowd worked up

The former Section 239 team still tailgates

Jay needs a tow to get home

At least we can celebrate the Phillies

Gunner says "We are in trouble!!"

The rest of the day


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