20 - 12

It is a sad day when the Phillies out score the 'Birds (Phils 13-Cards 11) but at least we had a long and great tailgate.

(Click on picture for larger view)

We arrive and set up in our new spot

Tony starts the onions..

Mentor and protege start the Big Eds

Gerry comes in to finish them up

Mark and Toolbox are still newlyweds..

...but Chris works on her post-nuptual expansion (next week, omelets)

Kim discusses her alcohol training with the expert

Marge and PJ schmooze

Eddie goes undercover (he took his hat off)

Fely and Estelle (Eric, she's flagged)

Alexis wonders around the tailgate

The Inquirer inteviews Big Ed

Channel 6 shoots the food

The guest of honor arrives...

...and Commissioner of Tailgating Joe Cahn welcomes him

The EagleMobile and BlueBird tailgate babies meet

DC Comcast wants to see the Cowboys toilet...

...and it is a hit for the 'Skins fans

Big Ed raps out

Tommy and another one of his brothers

Chris and the Scranton gang from the Vet

Tommy and his crew

Eddie counsels Dougie's brother

Beasley arrives and meets Alexis...

...and adds to Mike's boot camp sendoff

Mike gets personal with Rhea Hughes

Beasley and Fely

Peter finally made it back from Green Bay

Ben rocks out with the Pep Band

Find the real Grand Master B

The rest of the day


Home Up