1 January 2006

Redskins 31 - EAGLES 20

A sad end to a disappointing Season but we did knock the Cowboys out of the Playoffs!!!

But a great end to a great Season of Tailgating!!  Thanks to all of our EagleMobile friends and visitors, we wish you all a blessed and prosperous New Year!!

The Eagles and the EagleMobile will be back in 2006 as we march to Miami.

The last game is a lonely place when there are no playoffs

But the EagleMobile is still serving breakfast

Tony wakes up and smells the homefries

Eric returns from 36 hours of arduous combat to make mulled cider

PJ before he knew he scored an extra ticket (Thanks Tommy)

Gerry is the only optimist

PJ is still a shuckin'

And now Fely is a jivin'

PTHEW!! Lose the shell, save the teeth

Pat and Mike make a New Years stop

Vic stops by too

Big Ed is in shock over the Season. PJ and Fely are just drunk.

Some of these pictures will also be featured in the last lesson of Tailgate 101 but they express the fun we had at the EagleMobile this Season


The EagleMobile becomes the place to be at the Linc...

...we have two fisted drinkers...

...and Media hogs...

...new friends...

...and new fans (Sergey at the game)


...and protectors

Regulars and visitors...

...old time parking lot buds...

...and Section 239 mates

Part timers...


... and die hards

We are all the EagleMobile Crew...

...and we are still kickin' for 2006

The rest of the day

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