24 - 23   

          WHAT A GAME!!! The Birds were exciting and Linc was rockin' for the first time in years.

Great opening tailgate too!

(Click on picture for larger view)

We are still in Lot E

Kieran has returned

Replacement equipment assembly

The first omelet of the season

Throwback bike cops are out in force

Howard has a new TV show this year

Where is the bartender?

Fely's lucky nap produced a nail-biting success

The Cooking Crew in full swing

Beasley makes a quick stop

Most of the Baynes clan present (there were others)

The Fandora Girls

"You talkin' to me?"

Gary and Big Ed call time out

The Cooking Crew Posse arrives

Plaz models a Fandora, Big Ed a sling

Fely sports a Fandora and a vino

First call to colors!!!

Ben arrives with an updated bike and face

HOF Fan Inductee Tatman shows his stuff...

...and counsels a Grasshopper

Fely and Big Ed survey their realm

A long-lost Baynes brother?

Kim arrives in style

The Rest of the Day

Home Up