38 -    3

This was a great win, the old Donovan is back, B-West is still the best and a rookie can actually learn this offense in a summer.  But don't make your reservations for Tampa just yet, the Rams struggled to get 3 points after the 'Birds pulled many of the first team.  The first real test will be next Monday in Dallas.

A great tailgate kicked off what we think will be a great season.  Big Ed was "mic'ed-up" for Comcast and the crew served Irish American Philly omelets to the Comcast Pre-Game Live team of Michael Barkann, PA Gov Ed Rendell, HOF Sports Writer Ray Didinger and Former 'Birds Running Back Vaughn Hebron.  We also had all the usual suspects before , during and after the game. 

(Click picture for larger view)

Big Ed is "mic-ed up" and introduces the crew

The EagleMobile tour begins

Chris the cameraman is enjoying the ride

"...and this is the Devil"

Kathy Romano starts her tour

The Pre-Game Live team looks hungry

Bring on the Irish American Phillys

The crew serves 'em up

"The Gov" digs in and smiles all around

The Tailgate

What, the lot's not open?

And the regulars are lined up

Big Ed talks with the security guys...

...and the seas part and the gate opens

We set up with the new grill

Eric assumes the watch

Gerry starts on the homefries

Ben and Jenn are back

Mike is back from Iraq and Fely is happy

"Double double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble"

Merrill says "This team is fast"; boy is he right!!

Steve and crew set up for Orange Crushes

For $100, name these cooks!!

Larry, Moe and Curly at the omelet station

The Bobbsey Twins week three

But Kat and friend provide competition

They didn't reckon on Tony and Big Ed

There is no competition but the choice is yours

Tracy loves her first EagleMobile visit

Charlie and Chucky are ready

Chris McP stops by

Tommy works on his ribs

The girls under the devil's spell

Victor gets his first crab bisque of the season

Fely does a long lucky pre-game routine (5 TDs worth)

Toolbox takes juggling lessons

Gerry watches Toolbox and Lori crush oranges

An Eagles panty-line...

...and 'Birds belly-button jewelry

PJ is 40...

...and the girls bring the cake...

...and now he thinks he's "Invincible"...

...but Lori wins the birthday belly-bump throwdown

Tommy's sister Eileen and daughter

Casha's first time at the EagleMobile

Lynn and family pay a visit

Steve's burgers on our expanded grill space

The Pep Band makes their pre-game visit

Gerry smells a possible ticket available (not one of our guys)

...but it leaves with the ambulance

Jimmy is never too busy for a visit

The Pep Band also made a post game stop

The Rest of the Day


Home Up