Tony and Annie have added our newest EagleMobile

crew member,

Alexis Annunziatta Byrne

Born 9 April 2007

She may not be ready for Training Camp but look for her during the Season.




The EagleMobile in Hibernation

The EagleMobile arrives...

...Matt from NAS Willow Grove greets her...

...and the EagleMobile is cocooned for a short winter sleep

20 December 2006

 A special Holiday thanks to Barbara Zaun, Eagles' Director of Cheerleading for inviting Samantha to participate in an Eagles Cheerleaders rehearsal at the NovaCare Field House.

Samantha's Visit

(Click picture for larger view)

The NovaCare Center at night

Samantha meets some of the team

Ivy joins Sam as the team prepares

Sam limbers up with the team

Sam and Ivy observe... the team works a routine

Sam and Ivy with one of the squads

Its time for some one-on-one instruction

They work through some steps with the pros

"Go, team, go!!!"

Shakin' and bakin'

More smooth steps

Ok team, get ready for the group shot...

...much, much better!!!

Sam and Ivy received an autographed poster...

...and Anthony received an autographed ball (B West no less)

Behind the scenes, Annie's shoes were pressed into service...

...because Alysse forget hers


10 December 2006

The 'Birds remain alive with a 21-19 win over the Deadskins.

The EagleMobile could not make it to DC for the game but we did visit the


PJ and some of the crew went to the game at FedEx Field and did the parking lot report for Krausey and Bubba John.

(Click on picture for larger view)

The EagleMobile arrives at Bergey's

Krausey tours the EagleMobile

Big Ed with Bubba John and Krausey

Cheesesteak Head Ben also represents

The Big Guy with Big Ed

No chimney in the EagleMobile, did he come UP any pipes??

Krausey gets the FedEx Field report from PJ

Big Ed follows up with the history of the EagleMobile

The Big Guys leaves presents for all


1 October 2006

The crew makes our annual visit to

The Official Exterior Painter of the EagleMobile

9909 Bustleton Avenue

Northeast Philly

We had Swoop, Cheerleaders and Number 23 himself, Ryan Moats

The EagleMobile never misses a Tailgate Party

Fely warns the Cheerleaders about Big Ed

But she doesn't care about Swoop

Ryan Moats tours the EagleMobile...

...and gets some inspiration for the Dallas game

Ryan leaves his mark on the EagleMobile...

...and says goodbye to the crew

Anthony and Stephen talk with Ryan

Dave and Walt with Amanda and Lauren