27 - 25

Well, McCoy, Weaver and Sheldon looked pretty good, Maclin was OK but the O-line really needs work.  Aside from that, it was a slow night at the Linc, nothing else exciting...except, oh yea,

the 'Birds signed Michael Vick!!!

My take is that there will be grumbling until Vick makes a big play and then the love will flow like year one of T.O.

The tailgate

First setup of the season

Walker drops back...

...and Ian is open

Ben arrives in style

Blair Thomas and Dave visit

Jersey newspaper discovers the EagleMobile...

...and Channel 6 shoots for TV

Young cheerleaders put on a show

The Pep Band gets us going...

...and they pimp Ben's ride

Beasley stops for a bite...

...and talks 'Birds with Sergei

Home Up