38 - 20   

The 'Birds gave the worst performance of the Andy Reid era so the picture below is my all-time favorite parking lot special:

'Nuff Said!

The Tailgate

(Click picture for larger view)

The Devil returns

Mike and Stacie are dressed funny

Soup makins at the ready

Toolbox is acting suspicious

Omelets are on the griddle

Blair Thomas enjoys one

Mark in his natural position

Mike earns his keep at the grill

"So, you unscrew the clam juice top not break it off?"

"Hmmm, looks like my size" thinks Toolbox

Bianca and Gabby chill

Even Ben has a warm spot for Thanksgiving...

...and a special hat for the occasion

Now Tatman is working on Spadaro

Soup is ready

Beasley stops by on the way home

Pvt Nigro, USMC

First call to colors

Toys for Tots Day

Eric salutes three generations of Marines

"A little more and I can make my move" she thinks

Camera meets TV whore and it's on

"I hope the booze made her do it" snorts Big Ed

She's back, our Toolbox is back

Jake from Langley shows up with a card from Big Ed

Ben and Tony compare headware

Fely is smiling (it is before the game)

The Rest of the Day

Home Up