24 - 13

Ok, so the most exiting thing at this game was God's fireworks and our guys who won't make the team came back to beat their guys that won't make the team, at least we tailgated through the storms.

Some of the regulars return

Richie was waiting for us

So were Peter aand Jason

We set up in our regular spot

Lori and Stacy in "Bobbsey Twins" shirts (could this be a theme for the season?)

Tommy joins us as a civilian

Don Bell is looking for J-Roll comments

Kim is already in regular season form

Fely practices her lucky pre-game routine

Alexis' own form of two-fisted drinking

The twins welcome Victor back

Tommy and Russell (the newest crewmember) return

Big Jim also makes a pre-season appearance


Look for more pre-season shots of the Jets game as we welcome Brett Favre and get a final tailgate workout before the regular season


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