27 - 10

Donovan made his return in fine form.  Let's hope what we saw in the first quarter will be the 'Birds of 2007!!!

We kicked-off the pre-season adjusting to the new parking requirements.  We have moved our spot approximately 30 feet to the north of our old spot to comply with the City of Philadelphia tailgating mandates.

It was a pre-season turnout but some old friends made their opening appearance.

(Click on picture for larger view)

We set-up in our new spot

Big Ed to the grill...Eric to the bar

Fely's lucky pre-game routine is in regular season form

Alexis makes her first tailgate...

and Jim Higgins Jr goes to the game

Coach Tom chills

Tony snoozes on hold

Jimmy and Victor are on patrol

Ben breaks out his famous hat

Santa is still on vacation

Kim is back from her alcohol refresher training

Tommy brings his sister and nieces

Estelle snuggles with Alexis

Rich and Rita stop by

And the Pep band finds our new spot

The rest of the day

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