27 -   24

What a game!!!  To paraphrase Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo in the Godfather, "We were hit six times and we're STILL ALIVE!!"  The defense showed up for this one, let's hope they stay for the rest of the season.  As usual, it was also a great tailgate.  A special thanks to Joe the Chef for the excellent roast pig.

(Click picture for larger view)

The crew arrives and sets up in the cold

We were so early, our gate was still closed

First meal, Big Eds on the grill...

...and the pregnant lady gets the first one

She Crab soup makins'

The behind-the-scene view of how Eric enables

Kim's father and uncle at their first game

Our newest addition, more heat

Via Sikahema stops by

He enjoys a Big Ed cheesesteak...

...and tours the EagleMobile

The guest of honor arrives

Big Ed says hello

Kim whispers in his ear (no Kim, it will never be a silk purse)

Ben finds out he is a Cowboys fan...

...so Big Ed slices him up

First cut, really juicy

The Pep Band is always great, even in the dark

Eddie is still on-duty at the post-game celebration

Steve Bucci interviews the crew

When their team is winning, why do Cowboys fans seem to grow on trees???


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