21 -     16

New QB, same results but there is promise for next year (if there is a next year).  Too many points left on the field.  We did have an extra tailgate with the playoff game.  We also had  re-enlistment ceremony at the tailgate, covered on live TV by CBS 3 Philly.


The re-enlistment of ATC (AW/NAC) Jason Leokum

Beasley checks with the participants

Chief-to-Chief preening before the ceremony

Anne-Marie Green of CBS 3 sets the stage

Anne-Marie preps for the live shot...

...and goes live for the ceremony

First, the Honorable Discharge...

...next the oath...

...finally, congratulations Chief!!

Chief Leokum's family is proud

The Tailgate

Big Ed opens the new TV provided by the crew...

...and it goes to its new home

Yes, socks again today

Beasley is ready for the on-field wind

The eggs are not frozen but the wind is too strong for omelets

Ben in last year's Mummers dress

Soup is on

G Cobb pays a visit

Toolbox in white starting early

The crew is ready

The Devil prepares his tools

We take another crack at omelets

Anne-Marie finish her remote shooting the food

The Scranton crew arrive

One of two fine legs of lamb

The Devil multi-tasks

First call to colors

Big Ed tries a lucky nap (doesen't work)

Lori and Toolbox with Key Lime Pie martinis

The NFL Network pays their weekly visit

PJ and Sharon

The new Eagles' Drum Band marches through the lot

First bit of lion feed

PJ handles the light work

Toolbox is spreading cheer

Mike warms up with soup

Mike from CBP finally visits

Second call to colors

The AP stops for shots

Porchetta sliced and ready

The Bobbsies in action poses

Jason is out of uniform

New school, old school

The leg of lamb is lion ready...

...and the videographer gets the rarest slice

It's at least a two boner for Big ed

Traci greets Toolbox on her downward slide

A wine caddy for hands-free drinking

Parking Lot John visits

Two fans ponder the future look of the Green Linc

The Devil signals, PJ reacts

Toolbox is finally game ready

The rest of the day

Home Up