16 -  13

Special teams came up small and cost the 'Birds the game but the season is saved with the return of Reno Mahe this week.  We stopped in South Bend on the way west and spent Saturday getting game ready.  Here are the pictures from the trip.

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We visit the place that put football on the map

Touchdown Jesus makes the call

Big Ed tries his hand

Tommy too

Fely and Anthony provide perspective

and, finally, a group shot

The stadium is accross the green

The Golden Dome

Nice hat PJ

Inside that Chapel made famous in "Knute Rockne All-American"

A prayer at the Grotto for a safe trip...

...and a meeting with Digger Phelps

The day before in Green Bay

Eric's out of ammo so we take the tour

More 'Birds fans at the hotel (they joined us at the tailgate)

Big Ed at Lambeau

Curly's Pub was the most popular tour stop

Chillin' at Curly's

Lynn and Big Ed gettin' game ready

The leadership of USS Green Bay was in town for the game

The crew in the end zone

Eric checks the local recipe for mustard

Game Day Tailgatin'

We set up but the gas was running slow

Kathleen (w/o a bomb dog) and crew

Ben Cheesesteakhead is shooting a movie (he had music too)

Big Ed starts the scrapple for breakfast

The guys from the hotel and Big Jim

Lynn and Fely are primed

Other 'Birds fans work the bartender

Eric and Tommy with breakfast Kamikazes

No time for omelets so its' scambled with scrapple

Stacy and Lori join up

Eric finally finds a use for cheese

Fely faked her lucky pre-game routine with disastrous results

Tommy and Lori gettin' their game on

Some Cheeseheads join us for a group shot

PJ cuttin' the post-game steaks

The gas is shot so we improvise with charcoal

Corn from the heartland grilled up too

The post-game letdown really hit this 'Birds fan

The rest of the trip

Home Up