27 -   20

Well the beginning of the Kevin Ko...ah, Mike Vick era of Eagles football left more questions than answers on where it will go this year.  We did have a great tailgate with lots of old friends and some new ones.  Here is the day in pictures.

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Set up in drizzle

Beasley says hello on his way in

The first omelet of the season...

...the soup is underway...

...and it looks about ready

We found Lori and Scott from Canada roaming the lot

Mike and Michelle arrive

Melissa Magee from Channel 6 shoots live from the grills...

...one omelet and she's hooked

Fely is drinking lucky nap fuel

Ben arrives in style

Tatman in the Tatmobile will lead the 1960 Champs parade

Pork loins make smilie faces

PJ and the girls are waiting for a bartender

Finally, a replacement bartender

He precisely follows the recipe...

...and declares the brew ready

Now he has found the rest of the tools...

...and it is first call to the bar

Toolbox shows off her repaired knee

The boys are all smiles

Melissa returns for lunch

Beasley is back to hang out...

...and Fely does her lucky nap

Sharon starts the sushi

The leg of lamb is grill ready

The ETN crew takes some shots

Philly's Finest enjoys the soup

Lori from Canada has found a home

Chris and Chris

Toolbox, no bikes to ride with these guys but you could walk the dog

A 700 level reunion

The 1960 Champs ride through the lot...

...and the crowd loves it

No Bobbsie twins here...

...oh, here they are

Pj and Sharon

The london broil on the carving board...

...and Big Ed scarfs the first slice

The Invincible Vince Papale with some of the crew

We think this is a Baynes clan record for attendance

The leg of lamb is ready

Traci cops a feel with Swoop

Big Ed and the two Tommys

The Pep Band gets us reved up

We return roadtrip hospitality to some Green Bay fans

Big Jim displays his trophy from our road trip visit

Boys, soon game tickets will fall into your hands

The rest of the day

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