31 - 9

What a game and what a day.  We had international visitors, NFL Films, the Commissioner of Tailgating, our own Emmy Award Winner, Beasley Reece and all the usual gang.  We had a new recipe, Leg of Lamb, cold Canadian beer and lots and lots of fun!!

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The Canadians

The Canadians arrive with beer

Dave (red shorts) barters for a cheesesteak

Arli gets one too

Cloggin' arteries, Philly style

North-of-the-border art south-of the-border

Montreal represents

Our Special Guests

The NFL Films crew arrives

Big Ed gives them a tour

Tony gives the Commisioner an on-camera breakdown of his leg of lamb...

...and Annie gets the shot

Toolbox with Derrick Gunn and Lance Crawford

Merrill says hi to Tina

Gerry and family with former 'Bird, Channel 10's Vai Sikahema

The Emmy Award Winner, MISTER Beasley Reece

Channel 3's Steve Bucci does a post game wrap-up

The Usual Suspects

Phillys Finest arrive early (and they'll be back)

Yo Ben, eat the one in your hand, not on your head!!

Yo Kym, don't you have to go to work? (she's Linc security)

Annie raised over $400 for Coach Tom's family

Jeff, from The Green Room Bar at 20th & Greene, donates to the EagleMobile

Beasley signs his number (again)

Beasley and Big Ed discuss their favorite topic, 'Birds football

Gerry missed the leg of lamb, all he got was the leg

Tina and Shannon find out they scored tickets

"12 o'clock and all's well" Jimmy and Vic have the parking lot secure

The Rest of the Day

Home Up