13 - 11

The score didn't matter, it is the pre-season (but it took a last second Jets field goal to stop identical Phillies and Eagles scores).  We did get our tailgating ready for regular season form.  We are road tripping to Green Bay and will be in our new regular spot for the home opener against the Redskins.

(Click picture for larger view)

Victor and Mike surround Annie

Victor welcomes Peter for 2007

A guest Chef man's the grill

Pat Sickle and his Fireman buds (Pop was there but camera shy)

Fely tells Maryann about the line drive that just missed at the Phillies game

Victor and Jimmy baby sit

Scorecard Tommy (the best in baseball) comes over from the Phillies game

Jimmy gets.. ah, makes a pinch

Big Ed and Estelle say hello

Unkie Tommy now has baby duty (or is it doodie?)

Flirting with the bartender will get you in trouble

"Pick me up Unkie Tommy!!"

The rest of the day

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