13 -      27

DeSean Jackson continues to amaze and the 'Birds are in the playoffs again. The snow abbreviated our tailgate time but not our good times.

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Snow is no deterrent as we arrive

Yo Mike, where is the awning?

That's our regular spot under the snow pile

Peter's tent replaces the awning

Twins no more, the "Just plain Bobbsies" arrive

Look, is that a bar in its usual spot?

Yes, and we have a bartender again!!

Another Eric steps up and works the grill

Anthony's venison is on the grill

Grand Master B and his posse

PJ works the soup as the cold butter slowly melts

Marine Toys for Tots troops stop by for a "warm-up"...

...and the Marine in the middle salutes the 49ers

Two of Philly's finest await the soup

A dog lover makes a statement

More Marines enjoy a break while working the lot for Toys for Tots

B and Pop are all smiles (Charlie is going to Boston for the Winter Classic)

Colleen was hiding in her car until she fell prey to the Devil

The Sickel clan in full force

PJ and the non-twins are all smiles

Tommy's birthday present from Big Ed and Fely goes into hiding

The leg of lamb is flamed on the grill...

...Off the flames and ready to carve...

...the lamb and the venison are ready to eat

Yo Eddie, get your first aid kit, this meat is bleeding to death!

A Jolly Fat Guy is looking for donations

These fat guys are really jolly too (they just don't look it here)

The girls (pull up your pants Kat)

Thanks for the tent Peter

Toolbox works on a roll...

...and sausages up

Hi Tommy!!

Brian and Mark are warm and ready for football

The rest of the day

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