56 -    21

WOW!!!!  Throwback day was an ole' fashion whippin'.  We had a great tailgate and a special treat.  Eddie Sickle came through and got Big Ed and PJ on- field passes as a retirement present for PJ.  The pictures below are of the tailgate and the on-field experience.

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The Tailgate

Settin' up for breakfast

Gerry gets the homefries going

Russell and Bob are hungry

Tool Box and Steve make Orange Crushes

Lori and Stacy as the Bobsie Twins

Fely does her lucky pre-game routine (for real) and it works.

Lori and PJ do a victory chest bump...

Guess who won?

Eddie is off-duty and ready to party

Post-game victory dinner on the grill

Dave chows down

Brian and Mark pose for paternity analysis (OK, Brian wins)

Mike the Butcher's London Broil disappears

Mike, PJ and Marge doing her victory routine

Joe, the USO Service member of the game stops by

The rest of the tailgate

The on-field experience

The ticket that made it possible

PJ and Big Ed take in the experience

The 75th Logo

"Big Ed says don't wear the brace? OK"

Reno Mahe, season savior

Big Ed tests the security limits...

...and its a bold move

Jon Kitna tests the turf (he would find it many times this day)

"So, your secondary is pretty tough, eh"

Lions babes (they did not smile much after the kick-off)

Rocca booms one

Kim and Doug spot us on the side-line

Yo Matt, stay in the zone, McNabb is washed-up (NOT)

Line Judge, remember it just has to break the plane (he will call Westbrook's touchdown)

"Big Ed was right, this feels good without that brace."

Tolly poses with the boys

The Reebok police check the Lions for approved gear

A peek at her list...

...and the 'Birds Reebok spy joins her partner

The color guard calls for Touchdowns

Hey, where's Big Ed?

The rest of the on-field time

Home Up