The pre-season is over and soon the real adventure begins.  Just like the 'Birds, we tested new things in the pre-season, but, unlike the 'Birds, we know what we will get this year and are regular season ready.

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Tony is regular season ready so Coach Tom was his backup

It was hot so we needed the big tent

Beasley stopped for a picture

Eric on duty, Lori and Lori are thirsty

Anthony and his crew prep the food

Merrill is regular season ready

The crew has the sausage going

Coach Tom and wife with a visitor

A new feature this year,a guest Bobbsie Twin. Kat is the first.

Swoop will not be a guest Bobbsie

The ETN closes in on the bar...

...and the crowd gives them a shot

Eddie arrives in style

Chef Coleman from TCN is hawking his cheese...

...and Big Ed gives his verdict

The Pep Band makes an appearance

Tat Man has some awesome competition

Too many Bobbsies?

Some Mayfair boys find a home

Big Jim pays Eric a visit

Fely whispers advice to Tommy. Probably won't work.

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