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Ok, so the Jets guys who won't be there in a week beat the 'Birds guys who won't be there in a week.  Yawn!!  But what a day for the EagleMobile.  We started early with a visit to the WIP Morning Show then had a bigger than expected media blitz in the parking lot.  After yesterday, the 'Birds are ready for a big season and the EagleMobile is ready for a great tailgate year!!

The WIP Visit

Tony and Big Ed with Rhea Hughes

Rhea looks at the EagleMobile web site

Big Ed helps her navigate

Al Morganti reacts to Howard's picture on the "The 2006 Season" "Titans" page

Big Ed and Rhea on-the-air

The Morning Team in action

 The Tailgate

Parking Lot Tommy owns a tie?

Joe the Chef's kids at the EagleMobile...

...and Joe brings fuel to the fire


Big Ed does a "Green is..." promo for Comcast

Tommy does one too

Fox 29 does two hours of EagleMobile streaming video on MyFoxPhilly.com

The Bobbsey Twins in this week's shirts (Kat wants more regular season cleavage)

Eagles great and current broadcaster Mike Quick with the crew

Vic poses with Tommy...

...but wears his best hat with Mike

The unemployment line, EagleMobile style

"Don't cry Kim, these will get you in the game"

Hoov's first visit to the EagleMobile

That's Eddies old ride

The Pep Band makes their usual stop

Chris McP and Annie share baby stories

Chris and Big Ed are optimistic for the season

The rest of the day


Home Up