32 - 33

WOW! Our guys who won't be here in two weeks came back to beat their guys who won't be here in two weeks!!

Michael Vick was the hit of the party gaining more cheers with each appearance.  Even a couple of formations with 7 taking the snap and 5 splitting out as a wide receiver.  This could be a fun theme as the season unfolds.

The tailgate was up to pre-season standards as well.

The tailgate

Jimmy and Victor are back (soup at the opener, guys)

Tony starts the grill

Russ is all smiles

Jayson, Peter and Sergei chat up Annie

More of Philly's finest sample the fare

The Pep Band gets us going

Ben charms the kids (it's the hat, Ben)

Lynn is back and visits Fely

Jennifer brings Mom and Dad to their first game

Richie comes over for chow

Melissa, Michael (first game) and James

The Chefs in their new personalized finery (Thanks Dave and Lisa)

Home Up