13 - 6

Another bummer!!!  At least the 'Birds can't lose next week (it's the bye).  We did have a great tailgate and two things to celebrate.  Big Ed is the Big Six O and Toolbox and Mark announced their engagement.  See the day in pictures.

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The celebrations

Big Ed is 60!!! That's why his favorite Eagle is Pete Pihos!!

The crew comes bearing gifts...

...and he scores his current favorite's jersey

...Big Ed upstages Jimmy with another gift

Kim gives him an autographed hat (Big 5, B West, Lito and Q Mik)

It was Jim's birthday too (he's a little younger than Big Ed)

Mark and Toolbox announce their engagement...

...and she shows the rock

Eddie and Tommy dance in the lot...

...Yoga the bomb dog is thrilled...

...and Kieran orders an ice cream cone for Toolbox

The Tailgate

Eric opens the bar for breakfast (many would later suffer)

PJ Starts on the oysters

Anthony takes over has chief schucker

Big Ed and Eddie dip the pig next door

Russ brings Leo to his first tailgate

John from upstate and his crew bring the "Boilo"

LLoyd found us on the internet

Dave finally gets a picture with Mike Quick

Eddie auditions for a ticket from Tommy

The rest of the day

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