The first (preseason) game of the Kevin Kolb era is in the books.  Only the regular season will tell the direction of the era.  We did get to test some new tailgate wrinkles for the season.

(Click picture for larger view)

Look Mike, no awning!

Pre-season menu on the grill

Toolbox looks good but...

...the ACL will need repair

Richie is ready for the new season

Steve and crew have a new winged look

Ray Didinger orders an opening day omelete

We know what bears do in the woods but Eagles in the parking lot?

Swoop squacks his approval and salutes the Cowboys

A relieved Swoop thanks the girls

Russ and Sergai arrive

And the media return for more

Big Ed in all his camera hogging glory

Tat Man welcomes the Kolb era

The trees were pruned and a couple of old friends departed (the pig heads are gone)

The Pep Band is back this year

Ben arrives in style

And his bike draws a crowd

The rest of the day

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