23 - 20


Winning on the last play is twice as sweet!!!

It was a great day to tailgate too!!

(Click on picture for larger view)

The EagleMobile is ready

...and Eric mans his post

Gerry starts the homefries

Mike when he thought PJ lost his ticket

Kym says "I did WHAT last week??"

Eric expresses an editorial opinion

Mike H enjoys his first game

Ben and Lynn arrive for breakfast

Merrill stops by as usual

Fely was sick so Maryann does the lucky routine (it worked)

Tommy and his crew

Swoop with the kids

Beasley arrives...

...and Eric spots him...

...but Beasley remembers he has a show to do (unlike the last time)

Eric lines 'em up all day...

...and the EagleMobile reaches the 28 gallon limit

America's finest stop by before Flag detail

The Philly Soul represents

The Inqy gives the EagleMobile some ink

Film and TV star Clifton Davis stops for a visit

The rest of the day


Home Up