16 -    13


That's the sound of David Akers' missed field goal that is still ringing in our ears.  We did have a good tailgate though.  Look at the next-to-last tailgate of the year.

(Click picture for larger view)

Kieran shows off the new grills he provided

At least Big Ed has the Christmas spirit (smile Tony)

It was lonely early...

...until some of the crew arrives

Russ and Paul join us

and Eric prepares his poison brew

The girls are in the Christmas spirit too

John stops by for some coffee (Irish style)

Eddie arrives with a box of support for Pretzel Boy

Smile Victor, soup is the next course

Looks like Al got an early start

Stacy gets a police sandwhich as one of her birthday presents

PJ is responible for this!!!

Don celebrates Chris' 16th birthday with a game and a tailgate

Tommy and his Lakehurst crew

Grand Master B crashes the photo of Mike Moody's guests

Happy Birthday Stacy

A ham dealing clams

Some of the Section 239 crew (Tommy was on walkabout)

The Devil lines 'em up...

...and he also delivers

Is Toolbox double jointed? You decide

The Pep Band visits the EagleMobile

...and Big Ed does "Fly Eagles Fly"

Tony makes a citizen's arrest (Eric is an accessory)

More of the Devil's handiwork...

...and he leaves scorch marks

The rest of the day

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