19 - 17       

The Cardiac Kids strike again on Brian Dawkins Day. As long as they are wins, we can take the down to the wire excitement. It was also a great (and long) tailgate.

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Caitlin and Shelby take in the surroundings

Set up commences...

...and the well-oiled machine is ready

Darren updates the front logo

The cripple cops a squat in style...

...and enjoys all he surveys

First food on the grill

An old bartender returns...

...but the new one is all precision...

...and the first round goes down

Mike is always with us

The new front logo in place

Joe works over his guest...

...but Eli is at the Eaglemobile...

...and Tony works him over

Russ is all smiles...

...The girls too

Happy Birthday Fely!

Alexis helps with the wind

Beasley is looking dapper

The girls meet Swoop

The Throwback Bike Cops are a hit

Eric's family joins the fray

Kim will soon be filling out that Clemson Dawk

Ben say hello to Mike

A hug for Grandpa

The Adult Gaughan arrives

Hoove is a Birthday Boy too

The outside crew in the dark

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The rest of the day

Home Up