29 - 16   

The 'Birds came up small for the second week in a row but the first regular season tailgate was great.  We remembered, and missed, Mike Lewis, helped raise funds for Tony, saw old friends and made a few new ones. We hope next week will also bring a win.

The Tailgate

The next generation is at the wheel

Set-up commences

The new TV debuts

Green nails and game

The season's first omeletes

Parking Lot Tommy is back in uniform

Mike Lew is in our thoughts

Tatman is making his rounds

The Devil prepares his brew

Beasley stops by to preview his show theme on the linebackers

Indoor naps are not lucky

Eli arrives in a box

Greg, the TV Timeout Official, is always on the job!

First call to colors...

...and the salute is lined up

Soup is on

Fundraising for Tony was good

Toolbox, THREE fisted drinker

The boys cheer...

...while the girls do a TV promo

Uncle Tommy babysits

AP shoots Eli...

..."Toolbox, do your duty"...

...Eli is de-tailed...

...opened for business...

...declared delicious...

...and confirmed

It is a female pig, Chris is no pervert

Sharon provides sushi

Two Eds are better than one

Now it is leg of lamb time...

...Russle admires his handiwork...

...and Tommy grabs the rare slice

We are training for the future

A toast for Mike Lew...

...and the crew remembers

The Rest of the Day

Home Up