17 - 40

The 'Birds put an ole' fashioned beat down on the Giants yesterday but it was a dark day for the Phillies as they fell to a 3-1 deficit in the World Series.  Thanks to Big Ed's negligence (didn't charge the camera batteries so we have a two hour recharge gap) we have a limited number of pictures but, thanks to Mike Lew, they are good ones.

(Click photo for larger view)

The EagleMobile is set to go

We missed breakfast pictures so we start with lunch prep

Pat and Tommy are ready

Krista and Drew are pumped too

Ben is morphing from cheesesteak head to full-body provolone wit

PJ's got the right pot and the results excellent as always

Chris and "Ski" from Section 733

The leg of lamb is getting the final flame...

Big Ed and Russ carve and crave...

...and the sweetest meat is next to the bone

The Pep Band has a new gig but this drum and bugle corps is great too

Take off the beer goggles Toolbox, that's Tommy!

PJ brings two Giants fans this week

The Devil's coven is under cover

These Giants fans brought homemade salami and fresh mozzarella

An MLB crew stopped for a bite before the World Series...

...Former Yankees great Jeff Nelson was with them...

...and he showed off his bling

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