36 -    31


The game was not as close as the score suggests, the 'Birds were not at their best.  We did have a good tailgate and did preparation work for the next game, THANKSGIVING!!!!

(Click picture for larger view)

Mike, Brian and our Mike work set up

Toolbox arranges the chairs

Satan prepares for a long days work

Tracy seems to sense the game outcome

Toolbox with Grand Master B and friends

Mike does his GIANTS lucky pre-game routine before Fely is ready

Fely tries but it is too late

Joe and guests visit

Dave Sims of ESPN visits Big Ed

Aw Shucks Anthony

Commisioner of Tailgating Joe Cahn makes his annual visit

Pork loins grill for dinner

The Boobsey Twins minus one. Where's Stacy?

Lori and Toolbox fill-in...

...Satan and Mark try too

Crown Royal flows from the Gates of Hell

Kat shows skill from a past profession

Yo Eddie, it's November

Kat from the Transport crew stops for a chat

Searing the Thanksgiving lamb test

Mike has the clams, Russ carves the lamb, we're ready

Fely tries again but it is still too late

Victor enjoys his soup...

...and congratulates the chef

Toolbox and Eric celebrate Veteran's Day

Patricia and Ray got tickets from the Eagles and relief from the EagleMobile

The Pep Band works their magic in the dark

The Rest of the Day

Home Up