11 December 2005

Giants 26 - EAGLES 23

Not a win but at least it was a fight to the finish.  A little redemption after Monday Night!

But it was a big day for the EagleMobile!!!

We were featured in the Game Day Program (see the Homepage) and we were the "Tailgate Takeover" on CBS 3 with Beasley Reece and Bob Kelly.

The EagleMobile on live TV

The EagleMobile and CBS 3 set-up for the show

Bob Kelly checks out breakfast

Irish American Philly omelets open the show

Dave Vitarelli arrives with lunch

and Big Ed samples his wares

Bob and Big Ed tour the EagleMobile live and on the air

CBS 3 brings a special guest

Santa and Captain Morgan have been into the free samples!!!

Bob Kelly and the EagleMobile crew

Bob and Big Ed after a successful broadcast

The rest of the day

The EagleMobile in a strange spot (we will be back home for the 'Skins)

Breakfast as usual

Phillys Finest finally find us

Tommy does kabobs

Tony with one of the Dirty Thirty

Russ, Dave and Diane chow down

The Crew visits Captain Morgan for freebies

PJ shuckin', Big Ed jivin'

Big Ed sets the example

Tool Box wants to try...

she goes for it and...


Brian and Loretta do a Philly tradition

And Loretta meets the EagleMobile Welcome Wagon

Ian asks the Big Guy for something special (he gets his wish and goes to the game)


Home Up