17 -    31

The 'Birds were a surprise in a big win and it carried over for the Phils.  It was also a great tailgate.  Here is the day.

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Spots are reserved, where's the EagleMobile?

Artis Hicks is looking for it

Still not here

The crew is restless

There it is!!

Tony rolls into place...

...setup is quick...

...and omelets are on the grill

Soup is underway...

...and the bar is open

Byron arrives in time for breakfast

Don't ask...

...Ben tells

Tommy has an autographed shirt for Big Ed

Tony Luke pays a visit...

...he takes to the grill...

...and adds his touch to the omelets

Tony checks the bisque...

...and sings its praises for his show

He tastes and loves it

Tony and Big Ed

Tony leads the crew in an Eagles chant

Veteran actor Leo Rossi visits

Traci continues Beasley's pilates therapy

Ben does a serious interview

We have Bobbsie's

The Invincible Vince Papale stops by

Most of the Parham clan (Miles is playing video games in the EagleMobile)

Fely's on camera lucky nap. It was was double dose today

Commisioner of Tailgating Joe Cahn on his annual visit

Russell et al enjoy the day

Lunch is on the line

The Devil senses a lull in the action

He makes his move...

...and the crowd responds

Pork loins on the carving line

Eric polices the front of the bar

Ben returns with a Captain Morgan girl

Toolbox is on patrol

More Canadians find the EagleMobile

Fely enjoys a post-nap pick-me-up

Big Ed works on the lamb

Big Jim makes his pre-game visit

Feeding the Pumpkin can be dangerous

Post game line-up of empties

The Rest of the Day

Home Up