27 - 14

What a weekend for Philly Sports!!! The 'Birds win a big one,

the  win a home-and-home series against the hated Devils and the take two big ones in the World Series. 

We had a great tailgate too.  We had some first-time visitors, both friends and a famous name, good eats and an extended day.

(Click picture for larger view)

A tired crew sets up after an early AM Phillies finish

Janet and Bernie prepare for their first EagleMobile experience

NFL Films shoots (and eats) breakfast

Big Ed tells the Irish American Philly recipe...

...but the proof is in the omelete

The Devil swills his eggs before brew preparation...

Toolbox has two of the three main food groups...

...and Satan prepares the third

The Twins are back on track with new tops

Janet, and Fely chat between bites while Bernie takes in the ambiance

Russ and the two Tommys enjoy breakfast

Toolbox, pulling out hair won't help you make weigh-in

Kat the Birthday Girl arrives

Darren shows up in his new Phillies ride

Lunch is on the grill...

...and its' lookin' good

PJ starts the Crab Bisque...

...and it's lookin' good

Victor is tired but his bisque jolt brings him back

Ben and Jennifer are all smiles

Archbishop Ryan Cheerleaders work for tips

Mike and Big Ed (Kieran has camera duty this week)

The Transport crew stops for lunch

Fely does a long lucky pre-game routine (it works for the 'Birds and the Phillies)

Captain Morgan arrives with his crew

There's a little Captain in Tommy

The Captain visits the cooking arena

Yo Kieran, where's the camera?

Tommy is revived and dancing...

...Big Ed busts a move...

...and Toolbox jumps in too

Kat's Birthday cake

Yo Brian, it's not for you

Kat struts her birthday present

The Vet Section 733 gang

The Pep Band makes their appearance

The outside team watches the game

Mike stops by with friends

The hardcore still at it during the Phillies game

The Rest of the Day


Home Up