24      -   17


What a way to finish the season.  After the Panthers game, the 'Birds were still alive; after the Falcons game, the Birds are Division Champions.  Now it's on the the Playoffs and ride this season to the end.  Meanwhile, we celebrated the end of the regular season in style.

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Tommy welcomes the EagleMobile...

...and we set up for the celebration

Why we tailgate!!

Ready to go but where is the bartender???

Big Ed and Anthony prepare the Irish American Phillys

Tony starts the lunch line...

...and PJ starts up the crab bisque...

...Fely turns the sausages...

...but still no bartender

Finally, he's here...

..."Ok Fely, I've got it"...

...and he prepares his tools

Line 'em up, it's showtime

Ahh, now it's on!!!

Fely does her lucky pre-game routine (it worked)

Russ and his crew enjoy

Pete, Sheila, PJ and Jason

Tommy and one of his crews

Chris and family remember the 700 level

The Falcons Fanbulance crew returns last year's Atlanta visit

Rhea Hughes from WIP with Big Ed

Merrill stops by as always

Vaugan Hebron mingles with the crowd

V Heb, we want one of these!!!


Fox 29 does post-game shots

Michelle Williams interviews Big Ed for the 10 o'clock news

The rest of the day


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