Draft Day 29 April 2006

What a great draft day!!  Power and speed on both sides of the line!!!  We had fun at the Eagles Draft Day Party and met some new friends so check out the pics below.

The EagleMobile sets up in unfamiliar territory

We changed the Eagles flag but next year it will be the XLI Championship Flag

Is this an Annie impostor drinking coke (ugh!!) or...

...is this the real Annie, Bud in hand? You decide!!

Old friends sing us our favorite tune

Once a media hog, always a media hog

The caricature artist before our crew's visit

The same guy after our visit (see the results below)

Phil Andrews promises to stop and eat this year

Big Ed in front of his idol's locker

He makes a stop to congratulate Andy on the draft

The seats look lonely but we are coming soon!!

During the festivities, a Cowboys Fan in Dallas Star hat crashed the party.  Check out the results.

The Cowboys fan gets a rousing "ASSHOLE" chant (remember the big guy in the McNabb jersey)

The hat is snatched and passed around

The big guy shows the proper way to handle the hat

Tony admires the remains.

The Cheerleaders were also there (no captions necessary)

The caricatures

The rest of the day


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