17 - 7

A sloppy win on a sloppy day but its' a win!!  Now will the 'Birds and A. J. Feely SHOCK THE WORLD in New England?  It may have been cold and wet but we had a good time.

(Click on picture for larger view)

Justin is pumped for his first game

Russ wears a tribute to Officer Chuck Cassidy

The words of one of Philly's finest remembered

Eric is back and enabling (JD will pay the price)

What a crew!!

Grand Master B is in the house

James brought a masochist

"Jimmy, Victor let Big Ed pop wheelies on his crotch rocket...

...and all I got was your stinkin' city bike!!!"

Brendan and Reindeer join the crew

That's Toolbox's brother standing in the back

The Feds arrive...

...and Eric has a proposal (OK, he was just returning a locket)

Some Canadians joined us but they brought local beer

Victor says "When the 'Birds are away, there's no soup today"

The Pep Band returns

It's close to kick-off and JD is fading (he would not finish the day)

Eddie's services where not required to save JD

The crew enjoys some post-game goodies

Ben digs in

Toolbox is ready for the Pats

The rest of the day

Home Up