34 - 7    

How 'bout them Cowboys!!!  This is what you get with mistake-free football.  Great game and great present for Halloween Birthday Boys Big Ed and Brian G.  Also a long, great tailgate with lots of food, fun and some great costumes.

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Bobbi and Hanna watch set up

"I think the picture would be better out of the box"

Tony R arrives by gas heated "limo"

Two Halloween Birthday Boys

Someone dressed as Mark actually helps with set up

Wait, it's the real Mark. Turn it around so we can see it!

Eagled up now!

The chefs are on the line

Bad cut or alcohol abuse?

No replacement bartender yet

Could it be Fely this week?

Or Toolbox?

They team up for Bloody Marys

No, Tommy is the real thing

A little vodka...

...a little cranberry juice...

...a little more vodka...

...peach schnapps...

...a shake...

...a taste test...

...and success

Everybody gets a taste

"Guess we are out of a job"

Soup is simmering

The Reaper visits but Big Ed beats him again this year.

Fely is safe too, she's out of visual range

Tony R is almost ready for his appearance

The cooking crew is all that

The girls are in the tailgate swing

Russ as Uncle Fester, doing his wings

First call to colors

Russ swithces to the Rasta Man

Sharon arrives with the sushi

Almost Bobbsies

Ugliest costume (the Cowboys guy is ugly too)

Dean and Noah welcome Tony R

Toolbox prepares for her ritual...

...first she goes for the apple...

...then it's the tail...

...and we are ready to carve

Tony R opens up...

...and lets off a little steam

Grasshopper gets first taste

Throwback bike cops?

James Lofton pays a visit

No lucky nap yet

Tatman and Ben Cheesesteakhead are here

Two from the same gene pool?

Big Ed and the Cowboys Cock-a-roach from the Eagles web site

They share their true feelings about the Cowboys

The Birthday Boys

Slicing the cake...

...the icing gives Tommy Leprechaun tongue

Mellowing out close to kick-off

Cold but still no socks

Sickel arrives late

Still no nap (could be the new good luck charm)

Mike Heneghan, the $1000 Grand Prize winner gets a symbolic check (he already has the $$$)

Russ is all smiles

Tony R's end of day head shot

The rest of the day

Home Up