14 -       13

An Eagles starters bye week was the most boring and meaningless Cowboys game in recent memory.  The 14-13 snoozer of a loss was the second game this week.  Let's hope the "real" 'Birds return for the first home playoff game on Sunday.  

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The videographer was late, breakfast was underway

The last omelets of the regular season

Back to sockless weather

PJ makes Bloody Marys awaiting the Devil

Fely is back but the lucky nap fails

Parking Lot John helps with the breakfast

Still no bartender

Trish makes her annual Cowboys game visit

Ben with his Mummers Cheesesteak Head

Beasley makes a Happy New Year visit

Jen and Ben snuggle

Ike Reese pays a visit

The Devil arrives and tries a lucky nap (doesen't work)

The videographer in front of the camera

Tommy and more Baynes' clan members

The first round goes down

Kat cleans her plate...

...and Brian drinks his breakfast

Second call to colors...

...and the New Year is welcomed

The leg of lamb is on final...

...and carving is underway

One lion is happy

Why is Big Ed grinning?

Grand Master B returns but appears to B fading

Will from the Colts Game Ticket stops by...

...and does some shooting for the Eagles web site

Darren with a nosh

Tommy with the venison sausage

Steve stops by with the good wine...

...and Fely orders seconds

Eddie and pals

Grand Master B is on a downward path

Tom Buck and daughters stop by

Tommy tries for in-game luck (didn't work)

Grand Master B faded before kick-off

The rest of the day

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